The Durrell’s of Corfu

Watching the PBS series, the Durrell’s of Corfu, I developed an interest in visiting the island. And it wasn’t only because the driver — Spiros, in the show — was so damned handsome and charming and wore suspenders with his long sleeved shirt cuffs rolled up — but that might have played a role. It turns out that this charming driver is now one of the representatives of Greece in the European Parliament. If you hear that I need to make a trip to Strasbourg, France, for one of their plenary sessions soon, you will know why.

I loved the Venetian/Mediterranean appearance of Corfu Town on the PBS series, but also when we visited today. So if I was drawn to it, so are millions of other visitors every year. Fortunately only a small fraction of them were actually there today (we think), although the “streets” were very narrow and the town was crowded with tourist shops, reminding us of Lahaina. Still, the Venetian influence on the architecture was so charming, and I managed to get some photos sans humans when they followed their tour leaders back to the ships. 

We chose a beachfront resort hotel, located on the southeastern shore of the island at Moraitika; Domes Miramare. Evidently Aristotle Onassis owned it for a while and it was an Onassis-family compound, before being converted to a hotel. It has been years since I have been to Kaanapali or Wailea, but this hotel brought back those memories, albeit on a much smaller scale. And it is adults only, which sounds like a Club Med-type concept and we wondered whether it is even possible in the US these days. It results in a much quieter environment, as you can imagine and, on balance, we thought we should at least have some resort experience on this trip.

For dinner one night, we went to a local village, on a hill above the hotel, and ate at a family-run taverna. Mama came out of the kitchen to greet the women from Hawaii, so we could tell her how wonderful her moussaka was and how much we enjoyed the crepes kumquat. 

Village Taverna

Next, to the Island of Chios. “Where?”, you say?

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