Since I only lurk on FB and don’t post…..

……I wanted a way to share pics from my travels with my closer friends.  And only my travels.  I don’t have enough to say about day-to-day life to ask friends to trudge through daily posts.

Another great benefit of blogging while traveling is that, since 1996, I don’t think I have successfully completed daily entries in a written travel journal — no matter how many lovely, leather-bound journals I bought to try and tempt myself into using.  And I mean lovely leather journals purchased in small stationary stores like the one in Montepulciano.  So by blogging, and getting a little feedback that some people enjoy reading it, I am motivated to complete (essentially) an online journal.  I sometimes still need to look at date stamps on photos, or printed itineraries, to refresh my memory when I get behind.  But don’t we all.

The last benefit is that blogging causes me to think more about what I’m experiencing and photographing, whereas daily journal entries tended to be very rudimentary reporting of where I went, what I did, with whom (sometimes 😉) and when.  And I am encouraged by some friends asking me to share more of myself and what I’m thinking or feeling.

And just to let you know — I don’t know who reads it and who doesn’t.  Wordpress doesn’t report that back.  So just smile and say, “Great blog posts, Beck”, and I’ll never know you aren’t really reading.