The End

With credit to Paul, as I think he also suggested that our famous butt shots could be “The End”.  We got all of these butt shots when animals would acknowledge the arrival of our jeep by turning and walking away.  The best were the zeebs, with their very uniform salute, but there are plenty of … More The End

Tented Camps, A Little More Like Glamping

I am being asked questions about the accommodations. The first camp was in Sinya, and I posted a pic of that tent (calling it Hemingway-esque, except for the bathroom, concrete floor, and solar-panelled hot water and electric lanterns). The accommodations elevated after that. In two ways, a) comfort and décor, and b) distance off the … More Tented Camps, A Little More Like Glamping

Zeebs 101

  June 27, 2017 We’re in Tarangire National Park, our first national park. It’s incredible to think that the animals know they’re protected in a national park. But when you think about it, barring any poaching, they have no reason to fear humans in the national parks. No guns allowed, no off-roading. They’ll attack in … More Zeebs 101

Game Drive Initiation

Our first game drives were in the private conservation area near Sinya, where we could go off-roading. We saw zebras, giraffes, gazelles, more zebras, and elephants. We came upon a small group of elephants, including a baby, and experienced the ranking female with ears out/trunk up, advancing slowly toward us, at about 50ft away. Fortunately, … More Game Drive Initiation

Meeting the Maasai

NOTE:  when we did have wi-fi on the trip, the bandwidth was nowhere near what I needed to even pull up photos or the WordPress site.  So I’ll be loading a number of posts tonight, now that I’m back in bandwidth heaven.  And apologies if you get multiple emails from the site, alerting you; am … More Meeting the Maasai