Sketches of Petra

Petra, Jordan. The wonderfully “Ancient Rose-Colored City”. So many of you reading this (the idea of “so many” readers may be an overstatement) have been here, so I thought I would put a slightly different twist on this one. I became aware of lithographs of Petra done in 1839 by a Scotsman named David Roberts. … More Sketches of Petra

Suspended in mid-air

A long day trip out of Athens involved a 4-hr train ride each direction but was well worth it. It was a visit to Meteora, north of Athens in the center of the country. Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage site, meaning “suspended in mid-air”. Game of Thrones did some filming here, which has contributed to … More Suspended in mid-air

In Greece

Honestly, Greece had never been high on my list. Not sure why exactly, but maybe I figured I had seen a lot of other ”similar” places, like Italy and Croatia, and had seen Roman ruins just about everywhere in Europe. Hadrian did get around. But they had me at the first sight of the Acropolis. … More In Greece