Scenes of Budapest

Just an array of pics, in closing.  We had a couple sunny days, with 38degree weather, and fortunately we were out touring those days.  The day we went to the largest Christmas market in Budapest we had light snow flurries.  Added to the charm. Some of these are highly recognizable structures, if you’ve been there … More Scenes of Budapest

The Market Scene

Okay. So I DO have one pondering….. …..(with apologies to those who thought this could finally be just pretty pics and no view into my thoughts).  It comes after experiencing so many Christmas markets, both in Dec 2016 and on this trip; but especially from this trip. There are so many local people enjoying these … More The Market Scene

Cathedrals and kirches

As many of you know, sometimes you travel through Europe and you think “I can’t possibly do another cathedral” and they all start to blend in.  Not so on this trip. St. Stephan’s, in the center of central Vienna, is most recognizable by its brightly-patterned roof.  We went up in one of the towers and … More Cathedrals and kirches